Lapp Automaatio Oy - General Terms and Conditions

Lapp Automaatio Oy adheres to the Technical Traders’ General Conditions of Sale TK Yleiset 2010 with the following modifications and/or additions.


Prices given in Lapp Automaatio’s price list are gross prices (with certain exceptions) and exclude VAT.

Prices of cables, single cores, and braids containing copper, are based on the previous month’s average copper price (LCP* EUR/100 kg) added with a 1 % handling costs. The prices are adjusted monthly, in cases where the average copper price changes more than 2 % in comparison to the previous price adjustment.

Lapp Automation reserves the right to adjust prices due to exchange rate fluctuations, raw material market prices or other changes beyond Lapp Automaatio’s control.

Unless otherwise agreed, the entire shipping costs of express deliveries will be charged to the consignee.

Non-stock items are sold in whole packs only.

A surcharge of EUR 30.00 will be added to all small orders which amount to less than EUR 100.00. 

Special conditions

Lapp Automaatio is not obliged to compensate the damage incurred to the BUYER or third parties, if the goods were used in direct air and space travel applications and the damage resulted from or in connection with the use of the goods pursuant to this Article, unless such damage would be caused intentionally or in gross negligence by the seller.

Lapp Automaatio reserves the right to deliver cables and single cores measured and cut in its warehouse +/- 5 % of the ordered length or +/- 10 % of non-stock items or the manufacturer’s original packed items. Please contact Lapp Automaatio if other tolerances are required.

In cases of transport damages, at the reception of goods, the recipient is obligated to ensure that the driver records the found damages on the consignment note as a reservation entry. The recipient should not sign the consignment note until a reservation entry has been made. Only findings recorded in writing on the consignment note will be considered.

Transport damages must be reported immediately, no later than within seven (7) days of receipt of the goods.


Unless otherwise agreed payment is to be made no later than fourteen (14) days from the invoice date. Late payments are subject to penalty interest in accordance with current Finnish legislation.

Delivery terms

Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery term is FCA Hyvinkää Finland (INCOTERMS 2010).


The following applies in the event of refunds:

  1. Only refunds where Lapp Automaatio is at fault, such as incorrect delivery or manufacturing fault, can be approved without an additional charge to the BUYER.

  2. All other refunds must be approved by Lapp Automaatio. In order to cover the costs of unpacking, inspection and other measures, as well as repacking, the BUYER will be reimbursed for the stock items with 30% less of the original invoice amount as a restocking charge.

  3. Items manufactured or adjusted according to customer’s specifications cannot be refunded. The same applies for goods with an invoice value of less than EUR 150 net. Also, cables cut to less than 20 m in length cannot be refunded. However, Lapp Automaatio may still request the goods to be returned for further investigation.

  4. In the event of a refund, Lapp Automaatio’s refund number must be quoted. Without it, the goods will not be processed by Lapp Automaatio. For more information on refunds, please contact Lapp Automaatio.

*LCP: LAPP Copper Price (in EUR / 100 Kg)