LAPP Automaatio

Electrical maintenance

Electricity maintenance is the solution when you need expert help in any application. We offer installation or programming of products or related technical service advice.

Part of our service we offer modification of radio control devices according to customer needs.

Electricity maintenance is an authorized dealer of Hetronic  Hetronic authorized dealer, which, in addition to servicing and modifying radio control systems, also manages Hetronic spare parts sales.

When sending products for service or repair:

Ask for the serial number for the shipment from your dealer or service
fill in the MAINTENANCE DOCUMENT as accurately as possible
attach a copy of the maintenance certificate to the consignment
mark the Lapp number
(old SKS) clearly over the package
the correct shipping address is displayed on the maintenance information.

The contact details for the electricity supply are:

Lapp Automaatio Oy
Maintenance, Lapp (old SKS) serial number: ___
Varastokatu 10
05800 Hyvinkää
fax 020 764 8399

Service Manager
Petri Haikarainen
p. 020 764 8334

Servie Mechanic
Marko Pitkäaho
p. 020 764 8335

The service can also be done at the customer's premises or at the site of installation.
Configurations of message converters, calibrations of temperature sensors and temperature transmitters and, for example, modification of radio control devices to customer's order or modification and repair of control controllers are the most common tasks of the service unit.

Please contact our sales for more information at Contacts